You Are The Hero In Your Story

You Are The Hero In Your Story

The knight in shining armor isn’t coming….

I truly believe that one of the biggest issues that is plagued our society and our country from being the best it can be is that we all think that it isn’t our responsibility.

We think that its not our responsibility to help our neighbors or it's not our responsibility to do simple things like putting the grocery cart in a stall.

We think everything in life is someone else’s responsibility, someone else’s “job”. 

Well let me give it to you straight sweetheart.

It is ALL your responsibility. I mean it is your life isn’t it? So, everything you encounter in YOUR life is your responsibility from picking up that piece of trash off the ground to going and helping your neighbor that you’ve never talked to pick up the pieces after their house was destroyed in a tornado.

Stop waiting for the knight in shining armor to come along and fix all of your problems, your communities’ problems, and our nation’s problems and take control of your life and realize that YOU are the knight in shining armor in your life.

You are the solution that you have been waiting for. Take control and figure out what needs to be done to get the results you want and then guess what…….


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