Our Story

Joshua (Josh) Sabharwall the founder and owner of American Dream Project is a young entrepreneur who grew up a part Kansas and part Oklahoma boy. He has had his fair share of adversity growing up from having a severe leg injury to completely changing the course of his life when he dropped out of pharmacy school. He wants to share his story and passion with you!

From Josh: I think we all can see that things are not well within our country, our communities and even our homes. I believe our nation was founded on Faith, Family, Fitness, Finance, Firearms and Freedom. I want to share things with you as I learn them and live them out. My goal with the American Dream Project is to help people like yourself become the best version of you possible by sharing my experiences with you as well as connect you with true patriotic companies from around the nation! God has laid a monstrous vision on my heart and I am going to do everything in my power to make it happen because I believe this business, this movement will reshape the face of our beautiful country! Welcome to the family!