Comfort is a Silent KIller

Comfort is a Silent KIller

Home Sweet Home…

We love being home because it's comfortable, it's familiar.

We can be comfortable with people, with our jobs, just with our life in general.

The bad thing is when we stay comfortable for too long we become stagnant.

We stop looking for ways to improve our lives and improve the lives of those around us.

One of the biggest lies we get told growing up is that we should only do things that we are comfortable with and that if we aren’t comfortable while doing exercise, learning a new skill, or anything that makes us have to leave the familiar that we shouldn’t do it.

Well I hate to break it to you but if you want to get more out of the life you have you are going to be uncomfortable.

In fact at times it will be extremely uncomfortable, even painful.

We all know the saying “No pain, no gain”. It couldn’t be more true.

If you want to break cycles, break generational curses it is going to take you being willing to be uncomfortable to go through the growing pains.

You see, God promises us that He has the perfect plan for our lives but He never says it will be easy. In fact, the bible says that if we want to fulfill God’s mission for our lives it will be exponentially harder that just living a “normal” life.

Pack up your bags and leave the familiar.

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