How much money do you EARN???

How much money do you EARN???

Not how much do you make. How much do you earn?

Do you just put in the minimum amount of effort so you don’t get fired or are you going above and beyond?

Something I’ve noticed lately is that the people putting in the minimum amount of work are usually the ones that complain about not getting paid enough. Chances are, those people are actually overpaid.

You earn what you demand through your actions.

If you want to get paid more you have to earn it. Yes, I know that there are a lot of companies out there who don’t give a crap if you are putting in the extra effort. Well here is the most freeing advice I can give you……. Find a different job or take your extra effort and learn some high income skills that you can leverage either working for a different company or maybe starting a side gig based on your skills.

Complaining will not make you more money.

Action will.

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