AR vs AK…. The great firearm argument.

AR vs AK…. The great firearm argument.

I’m going to just give you my honest opinion. 

They are both awesome platforms but I feel more comfortable with an AR in personal defense situations just because that is what I train with. I’m sure if I trained with an AK more I wouldn’t mind it either but here is my argument.

An AR is generally lighter. In a defense situation weight is everything. The less weight you have to carry the faster you can move and the less fatigued you get but again if you train with it it shouldn’t be a problem.

An AR is more modular meaning I can fine tune the firearm with parts and accessories to fit me better and a lot easier.

The AR fires a smaller round that has less recoil. In a defense situation being able to stay on target is kind of important that way you can neutralize the threat effectively.

As you can see there is a valid argument really for either side that's why it all boils down to training. Training leads to comfortability which leads to being more effective in a defense situation.

Whether you like ARs or AKs more get out there and TRAIN!

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