Denial is the ultimate comfort zone

Denial is the ultimate comfort zone

I finally did it…..

I found the ultimate comfort zone…..


Denial is the ultimate comfort zone. Think about it.

If you could just sit there and constantly deny all of the things in life that you are responsible for.

What if you could sit there and deny being overweight, deny being broke, just denying all responsibility for your actions and where you are in life.

It would be pretty comfortable but deep down you are dying on the inside.

Stop going into denial of the facts and own them instead.

Once you take ownership of the facts then you can start re-writing the narrative of your story.

If you’re overweight. Look yourself in the mirror and say I am overweight and then take the action necessary to change that by changing your diet and exercising.

If you’re broke. Look at your bank account and tell yourself that you're broke and then go figure out how you can increase your income and decrease your expenses.

Living in denial may be comfortable because you don’t have to face the truth but the only thing you are truly denying is the life that you’ve always dreamed of.

Own it.

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