You will be attacked…..

You will be attacked…..

You know those times in life where you feel like you just can’t win in life no matter what you do? Well whether you know it or not but those are attacks of the devil.

A common misconception amongst both christians and nonchristians is that the closer they get to God the less they will be attacked and the truth is actually the opposite happens.

When you move closer to God and continue to fulfill His mission for your life the devil will begin to attack you more and more.

What happens though is that God will make you stronger and give you the tools to fight off those attacks. 

Remember God will never give you more than you can handle. We just have to quit trying to handle things on our own without God.

Even though being attacked is never fun, once you realize that God is there to help you through the attacks and that you will actually become stronger after them, you will start to embrace them.

You are never alone. When you feel overwhelmed it’s just your soul reminding you to lean on God.

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